Choose the color of the frame:


Choose the color of the frame:

Twinni is a stroller for twins deeply walking with a double sling. Twinni is a stroller designed for twin boys and two children of similar age. The kit includes 2 deep gondolas, 2 strollers, 1 frame, 1 cross / double adapter, 1 single adapter, 2 large circles, 2 small circles and 1 rucksack. Twinni is a sturdy and safe truck. The deep cart is designed so that the child can feel comfortable in it. Stroller has a comfortable seat which allows the child to move freely. Remember! The child must always be fastened with straps before using the stroller !!! You can carry 2 children in the pushchair (floor / dual adapter) as well as one child (single adapter). We have 12 colors available.
Utility model reserved. Patent No. W-120872


    • • Weight of the frame approx. 6,9kg 
    • • New backpack. 
    • • Weight of the whole with gondola (steel about 14 kg). 
    • • Steering front wheels. 
    • • Front wheel turning lock. 
    • • Removable front and rear wheels. 
    • • Convenient modern gondola. 
    • • Comfortable rear brake. 
    • • Spacious basket at the bottom of the trolley.
    • • Rear axle depreciation.
Height(cm) Width (cm) Length (cm)
Distributed with 2 gondolas 133 45 155
With a stroller 133 45 155
Gondola 52 40 70
Seat 52 39 86
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Presentation of the TWINNI stroller

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